Barrett 66868 34mm Zero-Gap Rings Medium 1.1 inch



These high-tech scope rings give you the perfect interface between your scope and rifle with Barrett’s ZERO-GAP technology. Manufactured from 7075 aluminum alloy, they grip tight even under the heaviest recoil without adding unwanted weight.

Barrett’s exclusive ZERO-GAP technology also allows you to avoid the usual challenges that other optics-mounting systems present. With traditional rings, attention must be given to maintaining an equal gap between the lower ring and the ring cap. The scope may potentially rotate out of perfect alignment while the cap screws are being torqued. Barrett’s scope-clamping ZERO-GAP design allows you to simply tighten the cap on the indicated side until there is no gap between the lower ring and ring cap, check for perfect reticle alignment, tighten the other side and fire away.

ZERO-GAP rings are available in 30 mm and 34 mm and a variety of heights, offering the perfect fit for everything from a low-mounted, action-hugging scope on a hunting rifle to a high-mounted, large-objective optic on a tactical rifle.

Weight: 8.45 oz
Material: Aluminum
Model Barrett ZERO-GAP
Scope Tube Size / Mount 34mm
Height: Medium
Optical Centerline 1.1 inches
Screw 4 & 4
Finish: Hard Anodized Black
Item Condition: New
Type: Picatinny
Style Ring with Nut
UPC 816715010452
MPN 66868
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